Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Rep. Jennifer Wexton removes POW Flag and replaces it with a Transgender Banner

I have been told that outside of Congressional Offices in DC. The American Flag, Their State Flag And the Pow/MIA Flags are displayed.
It has been noted in recent articles that the a Newly elected Congresswoman Rep. Jennifer Wexton, from the 10 th District Of VA has chosen to remove the POW/MIA Flag and replace it with a Transgender Banner.
Would one of Our Federal Reps check on this and Point her in the right direction!
The POW flag replaced by the transgender flag....the Northeast POW/MIA Network believes even one day without this flag is one day too many.
“The public should be aware that they still are not home,”
The Veteran Community of NH and in fact Country would appreciate it! Replace the POW/MIA Flags before this gets blown Way out of proportion! Like Now!
Thank You..Semper Fi
Bob "Doc" Jones
Northeast POW/MIA Network 
Meredith, NH

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  1. I have sent out my letters asking that the POW/MIA Flag be returned to its proper place.

    Karen Thurston