Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Bible Remove from Missing Man Table at Manchester VA

 A few months back a few Veterans, yes, Vietnam Veterans with the assistance of Blue Star Family Members, Northeast POW/MIA Network and VA Representatives worked together on an effort to place a ‘“POW/MIA Missing Man Table”  in the lobby at the Manchester VA.

 It was a Great Ceremony with Director Al Montoya as guest speaker, many Veteran Organization Leaders, several WWII POWs and Senator Maggie Hassan whom I had the honor of sitting with. That Day Rolling Thunder NH1 raised a new POW/MIA Flag.

There is a Bible that is placed on every Missing Man Table. The one placed that day belonged to a 95 year old WWII POW who was one of the 5 that was able to make it with us that day. Beautiful Ceremony, to saw the Least.

Now, because of ‘few’ complaints the Bible has been removed from that table, "until the legal department can check out responsibility". They are not willing to just leaving the Bible until the facts are checked out!

That Missing Man table represents ALL Veterans, ALL Religions. The fact that the Bible is on the table is just part of the setting and SHOULD NOT and WILL NOT Be Removed.

This is the State of  "Live Free Or Die"! Veterans in This State I don’t believe care what Federal Regs might say! If 99% say it’s fine and 1 % don’t like it...Sorry! Time for Veterans to stand as one!! Here and at VA it stops !! 

The Bible of 95 year Old Veteran, WW2 Veteran STAYS! You don’t like it, State your name and say so.

Bob Jones
President Northeast POW/ MIA Network
Meredith, NH

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  1. To All

    On Friday when I go back to the VA Medical center for my shift as a volunteer I will be Bringing a music stand and a Bible with me to put beside the Missing Man Table we installed until this matter is resolved of which it will be if we have to put a guard at that table to protect that Bible from being removed. As a member of the Northeast POW/MIA I feel it is imperative that the people who have created this issue do not win this battle. Of all places in the Nation we in this State do not take lightly the infringement on the Memory of our Comrades in arms and are willing to our last breath fight for the right of their memory and their faith that they will NOT BE FORGOTTEN. Thank You all for your involvement and lets hope the sate motto doesn't have to be changed to LIVE FREE OR ELSE.

    Paul Martin
    Northeast POW/MIA Network