Monday, April 30, 2018

Jerry Greenwood from the VetCenter to attend NH Freedom Ride

Jerry Greenwood from the VetCenter in White River Junction, Vermont will once again be joining us for the NH Freedom Ride.

Jerry will be at Hesky Park on June 14th and June 15th to support veterans and their families. Please take some time to stop by and say hello!

Veteran with local ties will sing National Anthem

Christopher Clark of Tilton, New Hampshire and graduate of Interlakes High School class of 87' will lead us in the National Anthem at the NH Freedom Ride on June 14, 2018. 

Upon graduation from Interlakes High School he attended Plymouth State College as a vocal performance major 1987-1990. He served in the US Army as a PFC Combat Engineer and is a Gulf War Era Veteran. Upon his honorable discharge from the military he went on to granduate cum laude with a bachelor's in humanities from College of Lifelong Learning. 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Deborah Crosby will be our guest speaker for the 30th Anniversary of the POW/MIA Vigil

Deborah Crosby will be our guest speaker for the 30th Anniversary of the POW/MIA Vigil..The daughter of an American pilot shot down over Vietnam never gave up in her quest to find her father's remains. And now, it is a mission accomplished.  

Her dad was finally given a military burial in San Diego, after a half-century effort to find him by his daughter from Long Island. 
He's home now.

June 14th....Hesky Park .. Please pass the word.

Doc Jones

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Call to Action!!!

From: Donna Knox <>
Date: April 24, 2018 at 6:23:32 PM EDT
Subject: Important POW MIA Legislation
Hi Bob,

The Coalition of Families is working with Blair Bjellos in Senator Dean Heller’s office to move the Bring Our Heroes Home Act (S-120) through committee, to the floor and ultimately to passage. In case you haven’t been following the bill, S-120 is the 115th Congress’ version of the comprehensive declassification legislation that former Senator Ayotte introduced in the 114th Congress—before she lost her bid for re-election.

This bill addresses the need to declassify documents related to POW/MIAs in a way that none before has attempted to do. It would be a significant shift in the effort to account for our missing service personnel.

I have attached a letter I’ve written generically to our community of advocates. It explains S-120 in a bit more detail and it lays out what we can do at this time to help turn the bill into law. We have made it simple. I hope you will read the letter, then articulate your support for the bill. After working this issue for 25 years, I am confident that, if passed, S-120 will make a tremendous difference to the accounting effort. It will bring transparency. It will help us make sure the government is doing its job. 

Thank you for your support for the men who gave so much. They and their families deserve answers.

Sincerely, Donna 

Donna D. Knox, Esq.

Legislative/Policy Liaison
Coalition of Families of Korean & Cold War POW/MIAs

We Need Your Help!!! Bring our Heroes Home (S-120)

Sunday, April 8, 2018

National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day - April 9

National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day - April 9


National Former Prisoners of War Recognition Day on April 9 honors the courageous men and women who have endured brutal treatment at the hands of their captors, separation from family and displayed incredible endurance and faith during their captivity.
On this day in 1942, the largest number of U.S. Forces were captured by Japanese troops in the Bataan Peninsula in the Philippines. After battling through extreme conditions and prolonged battles, the captured troops were forced to march 65 miles to the prison camp. Without medical attention, food or water thousands died. The mistreatment continued for those who survived the brutal journey. In the compounds, deep in the unfamiliar jungle, the hardships, brutality, and suffering lasted more than two years for those who could survive.
Many POWs endure conditions much like this. These heroes deserve a day of recognition. An annual presidential proclamation is signed for National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day and government officials, veterans, civic and private organizations observe the day with ceremonies and events. Some states require the POW/MIA flag to be flown in this day.

Honor former POWs by helping to organize events.  Ensure your organization flies the POW/MIA flag.  Use #FormerPOWRecognitionDay to share on social media.
President Ronald Reagan first proclaimed National Prisoner of War Recognition Day in 1987.