Sunday, February 3, 2019

Update from Paul Martin on the Bible and Missing Man Table

To All Concerned,
The director of the VA facility in NH has and is helping to rectify this problem. They at the VA were blindsided by this also. In no way does this reflect on the director or his staff.
As a member of the committee that worked on the installation of this table, it sits there today because of,  the Director and his staff. The North East POW/MIA Network has been informed as to the handling of the issue and is fully aware of the pending outcome. This is an outrage and the staff at the VA facility is in no way responsible for it. What we need to do as Veteraans organizations is band together to stop this assault on our Freedoms that these groups seem to think they can demand removal of items from places of Honor to our comrades.
I have full confidence that the outcome of this issue will be satisfactory to all Veterans and that we stand ready for the next assault on our Monuments

Paul Martin
North East POW/MIA Network

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