Thursday, June 21, 2018

Passing of Billy Hendon.

Sadly last night I learned that Billy Hendon passed. This was a great and amazing man who fought on behalf of the POW/MIA. Congress B. Hendon spent time with us here in NH during a Network Vigil and Freedom Ride..I remember when the President Don and I were taking him back to the Airport in Manchester and talking about everything we could think of, one question asked was, “ with all the info on both sides, whom are we to believe”? He stated, “ Nobody, study the evidence and find Out yourself “! Bob Sharing this from John Molloy.... He spent nearly 4 decades working intensively to bring American POWs home from Vietnam. He was the co author with Elizabeth Stewart of New York Times Best Seller: An Enormous Crime The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Southeast Asia. Billy also produced the following u tube video and his dedicated efforts caused him severe financial distress. Sacred Ground for America in Hanoi. We owe it to Billy to make every effort to get the sealed/classified records of the returned POWs opened so that we can obtain information on those who were abandoned and on the collaborators, like John McCain, who basks in the reputation of a hero/patriot when he is slime. Please remember Billy in your prayers. May Our Lord welcome Billy to his eternal rest where he shall be able to meet those whom he tried his utmost to rescue. John Molloy, OSJ Chairman National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition

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