Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day Prayer

We stand for them.......The young and the brave......Now that day is done.

We stand for them with honor, with pride, with broken hearts and empty arms......
Memorial Day.

Our heroes have gone on before us - too young to go - but too brave to stay. Our hearts were set on our lives together, an eternity of days, a future of tomorrows...... yet, day is done.

We draw together in prayer.

May we give thanks to the Almighty that we have such a land of blessing and hope to live in. A land provided and sustained by the brave of our nation. Those who have stepped forth to right wrongs and secure liberties. Those, our heroes, who have gone before us.

May we remember and pray for their families ~ seeking their comfort, their healing, their strength. May we beseech God that they may live in peace, the peace brought forth to our nation by the sacrifice of their hero.

And may we pray for one another. May we never forget what our heroes have given. May we hold our standards high and bringing their honor forth.

Those, too young to go - but too brave to stay......

Now day is done.....

Peace and Prayers,

May your Memorial Day be One of Blessing, Safety, and Honor,

Rev. Lin McGee
Former National Chaplain
Star Mothers of America, Inc.

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